American Dreams in China
A film by Peter Ho-sun Chan
Released in Summer 2013
American Dreams in China

During the era of Economic Reform in China, 3 young hot-blooded idealists struggle to make a difference in life while striving to keep their dream alive. Their unconquered spirit transforms them from nobodies to the tutorial giants of a multi-billion dollar empire.

The Guillotines
A film by Andrew Lau
Released in Winter 2012
The Guillotines

"Watch your head."

Arguably history’s first SWAT team, this covert assassination squad of the emperor was composed of young street thugs who had been killing for food and survival since they were kids. Trained to use the Flying Guillotines, the deadliest weapon ever invented, they competed with one another to be the best killer. Merciless and arrogant, they had been living life on the fast lane, until one day it was revealed they had been killing the wrong people for the wrong side. As they were ambushed by another team of killers, and the hunters became the hunted, they were forced to kill for their survival again or faced imminent annihilation.

Wu Xia
A film by Peter Ho-sun Chan
Released in July 2011
Wu Xia

International action star Donnie Yen (“Ip Man” I & II,) reteams with Chan (producer of “Bodyguards and Assassins”) to play the leading role of a ruthless killer-turned-repented family man whose sinful past is catching up with him. He also plays a dual role as action choreographer in the film. Pan-Asian heartthrob Takeshi Kaneshiro (“House of Flying Daggers”, “The Warlords”) stars as the detective who determines to bring him to justice but discovers that he is no ordinary killer.

Mr. & Mrs. Incredible
A film by Vincent Kok
Released in CNY 2011
Mr. & Mrs. Incredible

In this Mr. & Mrs. Smith-meet-The Incredibles action comedy, a retired superhero couple decides to put their long-abandoned superpower to the test against uncanny opponents when a nationwide martial art championship comes to their quiet hometown.

Bodyguards & Assassins
A film by Teddy Chen
Released in Dec 2009
Bodyguards and Assassins

"5 hours, 13 blocks.
To save a nation's future, they must protect one man from its past."

1905, City of Victoria (British Colony of Hong Kong)
In the distance of thirteen blocks, the one man who holds a nation’s fate must survive relentless attempts on his life with only eight bodyguards to protect him. Against hundreds of assassins, these men must put their courage to the test in order to protect the hopes of millions in this perilous night even if it means fighting to the death...

JungKu - the Man from 18th Hell
A film by Peter Ho-sun Chan

"To save the world, come back to hell."

There was a time when men ruled the world in precarious co-existence with gods and demons. To preserve this status quo, men had to maintain their majority at all times, or the equilibrium of the cosmos would be disturbed. This formidable task fell upon JungKu, a man with the innate ability to spot the demons that walked amongst us. Always conscious of his own uniqueness, he readily embraced his true calling. But as he began to hone his skills, he also became privy to the dark secrets behind the origin of his powers. To right the wrong done by his father, he had to embark on a journey into Hell...

Queen's Road Ripper
The Queen's Road Ripper

"Hong Kong, 1892.
He was the most notorious serial killer in London who was never caught.
But they never searched any British colonies."

From late 1888 to 1891, London was overtaken by a series of gruesome murders. Known only by his alias Jack the Ripper, the killer was never caught or identified. After 1891, however, all traces of the Ripper were suddenly lost, until horrific murders of the same nature started to appear in the British colony of Hong Kong. With just one suspect and not close to solving the crimes at all, the police turned to the local mobsters instead. By putting a tighter rein on their businesses, the police wanted them to stop the killings through their own means. Could the only suspect they were tracking be the notorious Jack?