WE PICTURES LIMITED, founded by well acclaimed Hong Kong director Peter Ho-sun Chan (Comrades, Almost a Love Story (1996), Perhaps Love (2005), The Warlords (2007)) in 2009, is a new breed of film company set to transform the outlook of Chinese language cinema.

Under the framework of WE PICTURES, the renowned helmers will bring their artistic sensibilities and extensive experience with film industries in both the East and the West to various productions which will not only score in the box office but win the hearts of a large audience. Hong Kong will serve as a creative base to develop film projects, which will be overseen by a panel of consultants comprised of filmmaking professionals, media experts and academics to ensure that these film projects can gauge the interests of a much larger and culturally diversified audience. Every aspect of a film from production to distribution and promotion will all be conducted under the roof of WE PICTURES.

The first film from WE PICTURES is Bodyguards and Assassins (2009), produced by Chan and directed by Teddy Chen. With a production budget over US$23 million, the film recreates early 1900s Hong Kong Central District, demonstrating the biggest 1:1 scale set of Hong Kong ever built. Bodyguards and Assassins (2009) is an event blockbuster released in Dec 2009 to critical and commercial success, scoring 37 film awards including 8 wins at the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards.

The martial arts blockbuster Wu Xia (2011) is a creative blend with a detective thriller directed and produced by Chan. The film was the only Chinese language film in the Official Selection of the 64th Cannes Film Festival. It is also honored with 12 nominations and 2 awards at the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards as well as 3 wins at the 48th Golden Horse Awards.

In 2012, WE PICTURES released its first 3-D film The Guillotines (2012), produced by Chan and directed by Andrew Lau. The production costs near US$15 million and has become the second Chinese language film mixed and released in Dolby Atmos. The film received 5 nominations at the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards.  

Other releases include American Dreams in China (2013)the 5th highest grossing Chinese language film of the year in China (US$9 million) directed by Chan; Dearest (2014), a soul-stirring drama about child abduction in China, by which Zhao Wei garnered the Best Actress Award at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards for her impressive performance. 

In recent years, WE PICTURES has helped some of the most promising talents in the great China region translate their ideas into film projects. Derek Kwok-cheung Tsang’s Soul Mate (2016) has yielded brilliant result at various film awards, earning 12 and 7 nominations at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards and 53rd Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Awards respectively. Apart from winning the Best Original Film Score at the Hong Kong Film Awards, the film also made history at the Golden Horse Film Awards with a joint Best Actress win for Zhou Dongyu and Sandra Ma. Tsang gained recognition for his directorial talent by receiving Best Director at the 11th Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild Awards and Best Director nominations at Hong Kong Film Awards, Golden Horse Awards and 23rd Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards. Derek Hui, who was the youngest nominee for Best Film Editing in the Hong Kong Film Awards history and a long-term collaborator with Chan, made his directorial debut with a culinary-themed romance comedy This Is Not What I Expected (2017) starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Zhou Dongyu.

WE PICTURES’ more recent productions are Goldbuster (2017), Last Letter (2018), the Chinese film debut of Love Letter (1995)’s director Iwai Shunji, Derek Hui’s second directorial film Coffee or Tea? (2020).

Other productions include Peter Ho-sun Chan’s latest directorial film Leap (2020) on the passionate story of the China Women’s National Volleyball Team.  The movie was selected as China's entry to the 93rd Academy Awards in the International Feature Film category.  It also won Best Director (Peter Ho-sun Chan), Best Actress (Gong Li) awards and is the Film of Merit at the 27th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards and 4 awards from 2020 Hong Kong Film Director' Guild including Best Film, Best Director (Peter Ho-sun Chan), Best Actress (Gong Li), Best Newcomer (Bai Lang).  The upcoming production is Li Na (working title), adapted from the China’s tennis superstar Li Na’s biography Li Na: My Life